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Institutional Computer Purchase

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Advantages of the University Purchase Program

  • Pre-configured machines for different types of computing needs.
  • Workstations are certified to work on the University Network and Enterprise System.
  • Preferred pricing and Warranty support.

University Hardware Purchase Program

ITS has established recommended desktop computer configurations for all ITS managed computers (see the Computer Standards page.)

Our Preferred Vendor Access Portals to purchase hardware

  • Monarch Techstore - Old Dominion University's on-campus technology store where students, staff, and faculty can test, purchase, and order the latest technology products from a variety of companies at discounted prices.
  • Dell Premier Website - Users that wish to access this site should establish an account on the Dell site.
  • Apple Products - University Apple Purchase should be purchased through the Monarch Techstore.

Beyond the Recommended Configurations

Customers who find their computing needs are not addressed by the pre-configured systems may contact their TSP for assistance configuring a workstations that best fits thier needs. We recommend ordering machines from our preferred vendors because their services and hardware have been confirmed as compatible with our Desktop Management systems and provide quality workstations at preferred pricing.

If our preferred vendors cannot meet your computing needs, please contact your TSP. Your TSP can assist you in the configuration and act as a resources to make sure your purchase will be compatible with the University Desktop Environment. If the equipment is not compatible with the environment, you run the risk of the equipment not being able to connect to the University Enterprise Desktop Environment or may not be supportable by your TSP.