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Conflicts of Commitment and Influence

A conflict of commitment arises when your external activities are so demanding of your time or attention that they interfere with your individual responsibilities to Old Dominion University. Therefore, you must arrange your outside obligations, financial interests, and activities so they do not impede or conflict with your University duties and responsibilities.

Conflicts also occur when you are in a position of influence, either directly or indirectly related to the University, business, research or other decisions in a way that could lead you to advance your own interests or that of your family or others to the University's detriment, creating the potential to harm the University's integrity and its missions of teaching, research, and public service.

Disclosure in this case can also be accomplished by completing the Commitment Disclosure Statement. This completed form should be submitted to your college dean, who will in turn forward it to the Vice President for Research for evaluation

The purpose of these activities is to identify, disclose, and evaluate potential conflicts and to manage or eliminate them. If necessary, the Vice President for Research and the Dean will require a Conflict of Interest/Commitment Management Plan.