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Getting Started

Project Proposal Procedures

The Project Management Office utilizes a project management software system, GAMEPLAN, designed for quick and easy access to project information and to provide transparency into tasks, projects, tickets and resources.

For any new IT project, please initiate it by submitting a proposal online using the GAMEPLAN project management system. Credentials are required for login. To request credentials or assistance with your submission, please email pmo@odu.edu.

This proposal process is for new services and projects only. You do not need to participate in this process for maintenance, production or support of existing applications and services. Requests for these types of services can be directed to the ITS Help Desk.

What Next?

After the initial project proposal has been submitted, the Project Management Office works with you to clarify your specific needs. A revised Project Proposal is then sent to the Project Review Team.

The Project Review Team is responsible for the evaluation of proposed projects to determine compatibility with IT environment, technical feasibility, possibility of meeting schedule, and availability of required resources. The Team will identify any unidentified risks, issues and concerns related to proposals as needed and make recommendations to CIO on projects to approve, deny or move to a higher level of the review process. Once the project is approved, the Project Management Office will help coordinate the planning and resource allocations required to implement the project.

Before you submit a Project Proposal

The key to proposing an IT project is having a clear vision of the end result. For a project to be successful, it is important to determine in advance what the project will produce. Sometimes project goals are indecisive or vague. Projects often start as wide, open-ended concepts. All goals and objectives may not be fully determined at the conception of a project.

Be prepared to provide the following project information so that your proposal can be fully assessed.

  • Description of the project
  • Description of the business need
  • Benefits to the University
  • Vendor documents, if applicable
  • Requested schedule
  • Cost/Funding Source

If you have questions about Project Management, please contact the Project Management Office at pmo@odu.edu