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Pinnacle Telephone Billing

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Pinnacle Billing System

The Converged Technologies and Infrastructure group maintains and supports ODU's campus infrastructure and telecommunication systems including:

  • VOIP (voice over internet protocol)
  • MonarchVision (campus cable television)
  • Cellular telephones
  • Voicemail, conference cards, calling cards, and more.

If you require Pinnacle training, please have your budget director send a request that includes your name and MIDAS ID to: telecomm@odu.edu. Pinnacle training is held every Wednesday and Thursday at 10 AM and 3 PM till the end of September 2013; after September training will be held as needed.

Cellular Phones


Office Phones


Work Orders

Man Listening to Headphones at Desk

Campus Cable Network

Friends Chat in Dorm

Monarch Vision Cable TV service is provided in all Residence Halls. You will need a Cable-ready TV and a coaxial video cable in order to connect. You can purchase a cable at the Monarch Techstore in Webb Center or any electronics retailer.