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Learning Community:Advanced Chemistry & Research Apprenticeship

Advanced Chemistry and Research Apprenticeship - ALL MAJORS; REQUIRES MATH SAT > 650

CHEM 137N (lecture and recitation, 4 cr. hrs.) will be offered in the fall semester and will cover all lecture material for General Chemistry I and II. CHEM 138 (laboratory, 2 cr. hrs.) will be offered in the spring semester and will cover General Chemistry laboratory material and will also provide the opportunity for students to do special projects with research faculty. The laboratory (spring 2015) is designed to have students develop basic laboratory skills typical of those learned in an introductory chemistry sequence and to have students gain exposure to and participate in ongoing research projects. During the first 7 weeks of the semester the students will have two days of laboratory (1 hour laboratory lecture + 7 hours of laboratory) where they will complete 9 experiments (each experiment will take 1-2 laboratory periods to complete). During the last 7 weeks of the semester the students will join a research laboratory where they will spend 7+ hours a week working on their research project.

Students and advisors may also contact Dr. Pinky McCoy for additional information and to have registration blocks removed.

  • 13684 ADV GEN CHEM I AND II LECTURE, MWF 12:00-12:50PM, ED 129
  • 13691 ADV GEN CHEM I AND II LAB (LAB FEE $50), T 11:00-11:50PM, DRGS 2118

Note: All URLC courses have registration blocks to ensure that they are reserved for URLC participants.

Students are encouraged to contact UGRlearningcommunities@odu.edu or the Honors College (3-4865) if interested in joining or learning more about an Undergraduate Research Learning Community. The HC will be happy to help first-year students find the right URLC.