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Learning Community:Positive Communication

Positive Communication - ALL MAJORS

Instructor: Brian Kurisky, URLC Coordinators: Tom Socha and Gary Beck

This undergraduate research learning community focuses on the intersections of communication and positive living, health, and wellness, while learning about communication research methods. Learn about taking messages to new heights in bringing about optimal outcomes in decision making and problem-solving; improving moods, health, and wellness; in personal and social relationships, and organizations, as well as new methods for the study of these topics. Participate and assist with research on positive communication conducted in the class and in consultation/collaboration with junior and senior student researchers from COMM 302 (Research Methods in Communication).

If you are interested in joining this community, simply register for one the following section of COMM 112R:

  • 20839 COMM 112R Interpersonal Communication/ Positive Communication MW 3:00-4:15 PM

Note: All URLC courses have registration blocks to ensure that they are reserved for URLC participants.

Students are encouraged to contact UGRlearningcommunities@odu.edu or the Honors College (3-4865) if interested in joining or learning more about an Undergraduate Research Learning Community. The HC will be happy to help first-year students find the right URLC.