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Pre-clinical Psychology

The Pre-clinical Psychology Learning Community has been designed to help psychology majors prepare for graduate-level work in clinical psychology and successfully compete for graduate school admission in clinical psychology. As a member of the learning community, you will:

  • Receive individual and small group faculty support from both clinical and non-clinical faculty.
  • Develop skills in the core areas of psychology.
  • Network with students with similar interests via social and academic activities.
  • Participate in discussion groups and seminars on areas relevant to clinical psychology.
  • Learn what it takes to get into graduate school.
  • Take trips to local mental health agencies.

Sophomore level students who are enrolled in PSYC 317 (Quantitative Methods) during the Fall 2013 semester may apply to join this learning community. Those interested in joining should complete an application which can be found here.

Email questions about the learning community to Suzanne Morrow at sxmorrow@odu.edu.