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Learning Community:SCI-WRI: Research Writing in the Sciences

SCI-WRI: Research Writing in the Sciences - ALL MAJORS

In this learning community, students will examine the universal discourse of the scientific writing & communication while becoming familiarized with the conventional steps of science writing and publishing in the real world. Through extensive research/reading/ discussions and completion of specific writing assignments, students will learn to think critically about the collegiate experience, particularly within the scientific disciplines.

  • 13342 ENGL 231C RESEARCH WRITING IN THE SCIENCES, TR 11:00-12:15PM, BAL 2057

Note: All URLC courses have registration blocks to ensure that they are reserved for URLC participants.

Students are encouraged to contact UGRlearningcommunities@odu.edu or the Honors College (3-4865) if interested in joining or learning more about an Undergraduate Research Learning Community. The HC will be happy to help first-year students find the right URLC.