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Core Purpose

In accordance with the University's Mission, our primary core purpose is to support the administration of the University in its mission to provide an environment in which teaching and learning occur by contributing information critical to effective decision making. The manifestation of this purpose includes both (1) supporting the University by providing data and analyses to external constituencies that evaluate the University and to internal University decision makers; and (2) scanning the environment, especially the higher education environment, for changes that may impact the University and reporting those back to appropriate university officials.

Core Values

We commit to these values to guide our daily work and inform our decisions. We strive to make our values apparent in our work and interagtions with our customers.

Data Integrity

Sound data collection, analysis, and dissemination require accurate and timely data. While IRA is not responsible for the collection and storage of most University data, staff members test data integrity as they complete analyses, and work closely with other offices that are responsible for the collection and storage of University data to ensure its accurate and timely use. Staff members do not present data in a misleading fashion or utilize or release data of questionable accuracy.


We take pride in our work and endeavor to accomplish our tasks in an ethical and unbiased manner. We strive to be honest, impartial, and objective in all of our analyses and presentations, regardless of the target audience or the source of sponsorship. We are also committed to paying incredible attention to the detail of our work.

Collaboration & Communication

Efficient and effective work in IRA often requires collaboration between the IRA staff with technical expertise and our customers with content knowledge of their area. Effective collaboration requires communication and expert analysis is meaningless until it is effectively communicated to those who need to know the information.

Purposeful Innovation

Being a leader in data collection, analysis, and dissemination requires constant purposeful innovation along with an endless pursuit of greater efficiency and organization of our tasks as we work toward greater productivity. Achieving greater productivity requires knowledge of the changing industry in which we work and good awareness of the office within which we work so that we know when to improve operations and when to be satisfied with existing operations. Maintaining currency on technology applications is a primary means of innovation.