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Master of Business Administration - IT Concentration

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program at Old Dominion University is designed to present broad but thorough insights into issues relevant to all effective managers. In an ever changing and increasingly global environment, these skills are applicable to both the private and public sectors. The Old Dominion University MBA Program is structured to provide students with the opportunity to design a program of study to meet their individual needs.

As investments in information technology by US firms continue to increase, managing IT is one of the most critical issues facing most businesses. The IT concentration focuses on the role of information technology in business organizations in a global supply chain environment, and the design, development and application of business information systems. It includes topics such as systems analysis and design, database administration, IT project management, international IT management issues, business intelligence, e-business and e-commerce, and enterprise integration. The coursework provides insights into the integration of IT and business functions as well as enterprise integration.

The program is open to all qualified students independent of their undergraduate training.

Admission Requirements

Criteria used to determine admission include the candidate's score on the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), undergraduate grade averages and the trend of the grades during undergraduate work, letters of reference, a statement of goals, and work experience.

Degree Requirements

The forty-eight credit hour program consists of nine core courses, four concentration courses, one international elective, three one-hour modules, and the capstone course.

Core Courses

DSCI 600 Foundations of Statistics in Business and Economics
ACCT 601 Accounting for Managers
MGMT 602 Organizational Management
MKTG 603 Marketing Management
ECON 604 Managerial Economics and International Trade
FIN 605 Financial Management
IT 610 Information Technology Management
ECON 612 Global and Applied Macroeconomics
OPMT 611 Operations Management with Quantitative Analysis

IT Concentration Courses

(four required)

IT 612 Knowledge Management
IT 620 Systems Analysis and Design
IT 625 Information Systems for International Business
IT 635 Telecommunication and E-Commerce
IT 650 Database Management Systems
IT 651 Data Warehousing and Mining
IT 652 On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP)
IT 660 Enterprise Information Systems
IT 664 Project Management in IT
IT 672 Information Architectures
IT 674 Managing IT Strategically

General Elective

One required

One-Hour Modules

Three required


MGMT 750 Business Policy and Strategy