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Leadership Consultation

The office of Student Activities and Leadership (OSAL) is here to assist all students and student organizations with leadership skill development. Whether your organization has identified an area in which you would like to explore further development, or you're simply experiencing difficulty with issues of running your organization, we are here to help. Officers of student organizations are encouraged to schedule a meeting to discuss ongoing challenges or to explore leadership development ideas. Benefits of scheduling a one on one with your officers and an OSAL staff includes customize workshops and access to additional resources to meet your organizations need.

Call 757-683-3446 to schedule a meeting for Leadership development or email dmahlerr@odu.edu

Student Leadership Practice Inventory (SLPI)

Office of Student Activities and Leadership wants ODU future leaders to act in their full potential; so we are offering Student Leadership Practice Inventory (SLPI) to involved leaders of our student organizations. The Student Leadership Practice Inventory is a cornerstone of a powerful leadership development model, created by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner, authors of the book, The Leadership Challenge and The Student Leadership Challenge. This LPI inventory is a quick and easy way for Leaders to rate themselves and begin to take action to improve their leadership performance.

We would like to offer you the opportunity to participate in the SLPI assessment. Participation on your part includes doing the self assessment and also asking five colleagues in your student organization to complete the observer assessment on your behalf. Typically, it takes a Leader or Observer approximately 10-15 minutes to complete the 30-item assessments. An OSAL staff member facilitates the workshop which takes about an hour and a half. This workshop includes review of the behaviors and actions of exemplary leadership, identifying areas of improving your organization leadership practices, and identifying personal strengths as leaders. To assess improvements, we also recommend re-doing this process about four to six months later.

Please contact Dionicia Mahler-Rogers, dmahlerr@odu.edu to schedule the SLPI workshop for your student organization.