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Global Monarch Club

Global Monarch Club

Contact GMC

Office of Intercultural Relations
Division of Student Engagement & Enrollment Services
2114 Webb University Center
Norfolk, VA 23529-0524
Phone: (757) 683-4406

OrgSync: Global Monarch Club

Social Media:
Facebook: Global Monarch Club-iROAR

Instagram: GMC_IROAR

Global Monarch Club Brochure

Click here to view the Global Monarch Club brochure.


The Global Monarch Club connects globally and engages locally to create an inclusive community and promote diversity & intercultural understanding within the ODU community through a mentorship program.




  • Provide first-hand intercultural interaction for members through group and/or one-on-one cross cultural engagement.
  • Promote students' well-being, learning, development, retention and success through a mentorship program.
  • Welcome and support international students with their adjustment to student life at ODU.
  • Encourage and enhance faculty/staff connection and engagement with international students.

Who Can Join?

  • Current domestic, international, military and distance learning students of ODU.
  • Current ODU faculty and staff.

Why Join?

  • Interact, network and gain first-hand experience with people from around the world.
  • Contribute to building an inclusive community at ODU.
  • Develop and enhance intercultural competency.
  • Reconnect with a country you visited or connect with a country you are interested in visiting.

Be the Global Monarch

  1. If you are a student, apply online at http://bit.ly/odugmcstudent
  2. If you are a faculty/staff member, apply online at http://bit.ly/fsGMC
  3. The applicant will be contacted as soon as the application is processed.
  4. Connect and become an official Global Monarch Club member by joining the Global Monarch Club Org Sync and GMC Facebook group.
  5. An active member will be automatically added to the GMC Listserv.

Cross-Cultural Engagement

GMC provides first-hand intercultural experience for members. As GMC members, if desired, two members may choose to pair as a Global Monarch Dyad. Together as a team, the Monarch Dyad completes the GMC Quest which consists of a series of programs and activities that enhance intercultural knowledge, awareness and skills to receive the GMC Global Competency Certificate.

Global Monarch Dyad

Two GMC members are encouraged and may choose to pair as a duo, under the following criteria:

  1. Each individual is from a different country or of a different nationality from each other.
  2. The Monarch Dyad must consist of one student, faculty or staff who has been at ODU for at least one semester and another new student.
  3. An official Monarch Dyad must register through GMC.

Welcome International Students

GMC supports the Office of Intercultural Relations in welcoming, assisting and supporting international students with their adjustment to life as ODU students.

Executive Members

A list of GMC Administrators & GMC Executive Members.