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How do I contribute?

  • Online: Using your Visa, American Express, or Master Card. You will receive an electronic receipt by e-mail.
  • In Person: We will have a table in the Webb every Tuesday and Thursday during activity hour starting January 26 to kick off the official Senior Class Challenge. You can stop by and contribute in person if you prefer.
  • Mail: Print our Donation Form by clicking on the give now button at the right or pick one up at the SCC table in the Webb during activity hour. Make your check payable to ODU Foundations and send it to:

    Dominion Fund - SCC
    Monarch Way 4417, 4th Floor
    Norfolk, VA 23508

How much should I give?

The SCC is asking all seniors to give $20.14 in honor of their graduation year but you are welcome to give at whatever dollar amount in which you are comfortable. Any contribution is welcomed and appreciated by the SCC committee and ODU. Your participation is what counts.

Why are students asked to support ODU? Don't I already pay a huge tuition?

FACT: ODU has one of the states more affordable tuition rates.

Old Dominion University is funded by three major sources: tuition, state funding, and private giving Tuition and state funding provides critical financial stability, ensuring a source of financial support year after year, but it does not cover daily expenses.

While tuition costs are significant, it is important to note that tuition dollars represent only 62% of the actual cost of an ODU education per student. Private giving makes up the difference. It is the financial lifeblood sustaining the university's day-to-day mission of delivering a transformational education characterized by excellence, leadership, and service. The additional 38% of the cost of an ODU education per student comes from the private support of ODU alumni, faculty, and friends of the university.

Why should I care?

Think about your time here at ODU and what it has truly meant to you. Most of the memorable experiences you had were made possible because of the generous support of alumni, faulty, and friends of ODU. Without their contributions many of the events you attended, the facilities and technology you utilized, and the free perks you experienced (OCCS services, shuttle services, safe ride and escort services, free iPad usage, and free gym membership with access to various free hiking, kayaking, and gym equipment and exercise classes, etc.) wouldn't be possible. What better way to show them your appreciation than to "DONATE" it forward to a good cause....your fellow Monarchs!

Why does my gift matter?

The SCC's gift to ODU has the ability to make a profound impact with the size of its support. It all depends on our ability to participate. If every senior at ODU contributed with a gift of $20.13, we could give $90,821 to our alma mater for scholarships, events, facility improvement, professor grants, and much more.

What's in it for me?

  • All SCC donors will be recognized on the website's Honor Roll,
  • Be able to present their Senior Will and Testament on our page,
  • Receive a commemorative graduation magnetic picture frame,
  • Invitations to our most exclusive senior events the SCC Wine tasting and Big Blue picture day
  • Not to mention the knowledge that your gift went to improve the ODU experience for future Monarchs will make you feel all warm in side.

Your gift will also improve the quality of the education at ODU, thus adding to its prestige. This, in turn, increases the value of your ODU degree. As ODU continuously improves your ODU degree continues to be a wonderful asset throughout your life.

What does my Senior Class Challenge gift support?

Your gift has the potential to support every aspect of ODU since we allow you to direct where you contribute. Need some suggestions of where your contribution will best support ODU? We have a few ideas on our Why Give? page.

What is "University Priorities?"

If you decide to contribute to University Priorities your contribution will go where ODU needs your help the most. This could be any one of ODU's departments, initiatives, and programs. Every year thousands of alumni, faculty, staff, and ODU parents donate to University Priorities and their donations are put towards, technology advances, the hiring of quality professors, various student activities/event, new and renovated facilities, etc.

How can I help the Senior Class Challenge?

Join your class' Senior Class Challenge committee and help us raise the biggest Senior Class Gift to date. Sign up here.