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University Village End-of-Year Information


In order to clear mailboxes as we start new contract periods, during the dates of August 1-14, there will be no direct delivery to the entire University Village Complex. Mail will held by the postal station and then be forwarded to the University Village Front Desk for sorting.

Students living in the University Village Apartments may have differing agreement periods based upon building. Please review the following information to find what pertains to your specific situation. If you have any questions please stop by the University Village Front Desk for assistance.

Closing Communication

University Village residents will have an opportunity to be informed of closing procedures; meeting dates/times will be established for residents to attend and receive more information. These meetings will also afford residents the opportunity to ask questions that may not be covered on publications.


Please carefully read the following information to find the information that pertains to you and follow the instructions provided. If you have any questions, please stop by the University Village Office (Building 2 - Hampton House) and ask one of our staff members for assistance.

Please make sure you are visiting the Housing & Residence Life website and checking your ODU email account, as any additions or potential changes will be communicated through one or both of these venues.

Your Resident Assistants will be hosting building meetings to discuss closing information for your respective area. You are encouraged to attend as this will be a great opportunity to get all of your questions answered face-to-face.

When does my agreement end?

All buildings have agreement periods that end at 10 a.m. on July 31.

How do I go about completely checking out of my current room?

1.Sign up for a check-out time with your RA or at the University Village Front Desk (Building 2 -Hampton House).
2. It is recommended that you sign up for a time to check out with a staff member at least 48 hours in advance. There may not be a staff member available "on the spot", so we strongly recommend you signing up for a time to check out with a staff member.
3. Pack all of your belongings and remove from room/common area. Your room/common area should be clear of your belongings at the time of your check-out.
4. Be sure that your room/common space is clean.
5. Be in your room during your assigned check-out time so a staff member can inspect your apartment and take your key. If you are not ready at the scheduled time of your check-out, you will need to sign up for another available time.

Can I have my friend/family member check out for me? Can I mail the key to ODU after I leave?

We do not permit anyone other than the assigned resident of a particular space to check out of that space. Unfortunately, due to the quick turnover of spaces, we do not accept keys via mail. Keys must be turned in at the time of check-out, or a lost key fee may be charged to the student.

What if I am unable to move out by the deadline?

All students are expected to be out of their respective building by the established time frame. Summer school housing may be available for those needing housing beyond the agreement period.

Do I have to move all my stuff out if I am homesteading (returning to my current room for the '13-'14 year)?

If you choose not to utilize the extension option, you will be expected to move all of your belongings out of the room. Staff will check apartments of all students who have not been approved for an extension. Any property belonging to residents who were not approved for an extension found at the time of staff inspections will be considered abandoned.

What is an extension?

An extension refers to the time frame between August 1st - August 15th in which a resident returning to their current room assignment for thefollowing academic year may keep all belongings in their current assignment until their new agreement begins.

How do I apply for an extension and how much does an extension cost?

The form can be obtained from the University Village Office. The extension fee of $350.00 is billed to your student account.

If I am doing an extension, does staff still have to check me out of my room?

By July 31st, you will need to sign up for a time in which a staff member may inspect your room and complete your Room Condition Report.

If I am doing an extension, will my apartment be cleaned?

Housekeeping will be entering your apartment to clean common areas (living room, bathroom, and kitchen area). Please make sure that items in bathroom are removed from counter tops and showers, etc., so that they can adequately clean. Please make sure that the living room and kitchen areas are kept in a way that Housekeeping can appropriately clean.

What do I do if I need to do an Early Arrival for University Village?

Early Arrivals are not permitted for University Village due to the agreement periods and renovations occurring in University Village.

What if I currently reside in Buildings 9 & 10 and need summer housing after my agreement ends on May 31st?

Go to the Housing & Residence Life website (www.odu.edu/housing) to complete a summer school housing application.

What if I currently reside in Buildings 1 – 8 and I will be in summer school when my agreement ends on July 31st?

Go to the Housing & Residence Life Website (www.odu.edu/housing) and complete a summer school housing application. You will need to move to summer school housing, an additional cost, for the remainder of your time needed.

I am graduating in May and I am in a building that has an 11.5 month agreement. Will I be held to the agreement?

Yes, you will be held to the agreement. You may want to consider the summer subletting process.

Why do I need to update my summer mailing address? Where can I update my summer mailing address?

You should directly update your summer mailing address with the appropriate individuals or businesses you frequently correspond with. You should also update your summer address in Leo Online, in case there is First Class Mail that needs to be forwarded.

If I am doing an extension, will mail be available in my University Village mailbox during August 1-15th?

From August 1- 14th, the United States Postal System (USPS) will not be directly delivering mail to your box during this time. Instead, any mail that comes to you during this time, will be delivered to the Housing & Residence Life Office or a place designated by Housing & Residence Life. Our summer mail assistants will then separate the mail accordingly and will be taken to the University Village Office. The University Village staff will email you letting you know there is mail for you, and you would pick up that mail from the University Village office accordingly.