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Tinig Journal


Annual Newsletter

The FASCC Balita, an annual publication, lets you know all about the latest and the upcoming events, programs, and activities at the Old Dominion University's Filipino American Center.

Past Issues


Journal of Filipino American Experience

Tinig or Voice, a journal of the Filipino American experience and the Filipino American Center's contribution to the making of the history of Filipino Americans in Hampton Roads. Tinig is a collaborative effort of Filipino American students at Old Dominion University and community members. It seeks to give voice to their stories--individual and collective--that speak of the past, the present, and their future, and incorporates their hopes, fears and aspirations. Tinig also includes contributors who have generously and patiently listened to these stories.

  • Is the voice of the past hewn from the fabric of our lives which reflects the wisdom of our ancestors guiding us today and tomorrow;
  • is the voice of the present that beckons to be heard, like tiny ripples on the water, striving to make sense of one's identity, culture and heritage;
  • is the voice of the future that summons other voices to echo a call for creative unity energized with the power of community.

I invite kindred spirits to contribute to Tinig so that our experiences -- in words and in art forms -- come alive and serve future generations with the celebration of our lives and times.


Tinig accepts submissions that relate to the Filipino American experience in the form of art and photography (black and white), creative writing, reflective essays, written music, and analytical papers. (No more than 500 words)

Send an e-copy as an attachment to filamcenter@odu.edu.

Submissions must include the following information: Title of submission Name of author / artist Short biography of at most 20 words.