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Mission Areas

NCSOSE Mission Areas

To fulfill its mission, NCSOSE has demonstrated an extensive history of conducting applied research and developing practical solutions for a variety of customers, including the Science and Technology Directorate of the Department of Homeland Security; Space and Naval Warfare System Center Atlantic; Sandia National Laboratories; and Submarine Force United States Atlantic Fleet. NCSOSE specializes in providing solutions to multidisciplinary problems with emphasis on the following core mission areas:

SoS Engineering

NCSOSE work in system of systems engineering has focused on defining a formal methodology for approaching SoS problems.

Decision Analysis

NCSOSE work in the area of decision analysis has focused on the development of multi-attribute models for application areas as diverse as R&D enterprise performance, critical infrastructures, software training decisions, workforce motivation, and aerodynamic launch vehicles.

Performance Measurement

The NCSOSE staff experience with performance measurement has focused on the development and application of measurement systems of value to a wide variety of enterprises and those enterprise's specific problems.

Operational Test & Evaluation Planning

The NCSOSE staff experience with OT&E planning has focused on schemes for developing test plans responsive to the expectations of tested systems' key stakeholders, especially end-users.

Project Management & Scheduling

NCSOSE work in the area of Project Management and Scheduling has focused on assisting organizations struggling with the challenges of managing in today's complex environments.

Systems Training & Education

Systems education and training is designed to expose participants to systems theory and a new holistic way to look at systems problems.