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Entering Student Assessment (First-Year)

The First Year (Freshman) Assessment is a University requirement, which consists of two parts: the Biographical Questionnaire (BioQ) and the Transition to College Inventory (TCI). Both must be completed during the first semester, prior to pre-registration for the following semester. First year (freshman) students will have a hold placed on their record one week prior to pre-registration. This hold will will prevent students from registering for classes until completing the BioQ and the TCI.

Part 1

  • All first year (freshman) students attending Preview during the summer will receive instructions about completing the TCI prior to attending Preview. Those first year students not attending Preview will receive a personal invitation to take the TCI within the first week of the semester. Invitations will only be sent to ODU e-mail addresses. The TCI must be completed before the First Year student will be able to complete Part 2.
  • Preview Participants click here and scroll down to the Placement Testing & Assessments section for more information.

Part 2

  • All first year (freshman) students will receive a personal invitation to take the BioQ at the mid-semester point of the entering semester. Students entering in the Fall semester will receive their invitations by mid-October, while students entering in the Spring semester will receive their invitations by mid-February. The invitation will only be e-mailed to first year students' ODU e-mail addresses. For those first year students who have not completed the BioQ two weeks prior to the pre-registration, reminder e-mails will be sent to students' ODU e-mail addresses.

After completing the BioQ and the TCI, it is recommended to close your browser for security purposes. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to each student's ODU e-mail address within 24 hours (Monday through Friday) of successfully completing both the BioQ and TCI (online). Additionally, students' academic records on Leo Online will be updated and the registration hold will be removed within 24 hours, Monday through Friday, after successfully completing the survey.

It is encouraged to complete the BioQ and TCI early enough to allow yourself to register on time.

Need to request an invitation?

Students who need an invitation to complete their BioQ or TCI need to complete the Assessment Request Form. All requests are processed within one business day, Monday through Friday.

If you have questions regarding the First Year Student Assessment process or encounter problems, please refer first to the FAQs page or contact University Assessment at assess@odu.edu or 683-3322.