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Department of PhysicsPhysics Learning Center

Location, Hours & Contact

2nd Floor Atrium - Physical Sciences Building

Direct all comments and suggestions about the Physics Learning Center to: plc@odu.edu.

Physics Building

The Physics Learning Center is an additional resource designed to help students succeed in their physics courses. The learning center provides a central location where students can work in cooperative groups and get assistance with physics homework from volunteer faculty members and graduate students.

Students are encouraged to visit the Physics Learning Center on a regular basis. The center is staffed during part of each day (Monday through Friday), and there is no charge for the services provided by the volunteer staff member on duty.

  1. Quiet, comfortable learning environment.

  2. Ethernet and wireless internet access.

  3. Multiple power outlets.

  4. Convenient hours.

  5. Evening hours available.

  6. Best view on campus.

Students studying and collaborating in the Physics Learning Lab
Physics Building Lobby

Fall 2014







9 - 10

Ms. Kasie Kemp

10 - 11

Mr. David Payette Dr. Yelena Prok

11 - 12

Ms. Maha Omar
Dr. Desmond Cook Mr. David Payette Dr. Sebastian Kuhn
Mr. Joseph Newton

12 - 1

Ms. Maha Omar
Ms. Jay Tiskumara
Mr. Joseph Newton

1 - 2

Dr. Balsa Terzic Mr. Grady White
Mr. Nathan Dzbenski Mr. Joseph Campbell

2 - 3

Mr. Josh Frechem
Dr. Alex Godunov
Mr. Stetson Roof Mr. Nathan Dzbenski Mr. Joseph Campbell

3 - 4

Dr. Gail Dodge
Colloquium Ms. Jay Tiskumara
Dr. Charles Hyde Mr. Dallan Duffin

4 - 5

Mr. Mathieu Ehrhart
Mr. Stetson Roof
Mr. Mathieu Ehrhart Mr. Dallan Duffin

5 - 6

Ms. Kasie Kemp
Mr. Aye Lu Win

6 - 7

Mr. Josh Frechem Mr. Josh Frechem
Mr. Aye Lu Win
7 - 8 Mr. Mathieu Ehrhart Mr. Josh Frechem
Mr. Mathieu Ehrhart
Mr. Josh Frechem

Meet Your Tutors


Name Title
Dr. Stephen Bueltmann Associate Professor
Dr. Desmond Cook Professor
Dr. Gail Dodge
Dr. Alexander Godunov Associate Professor
Dr. Charles Hyde Professor
Dr. Sebastian Kuhn
Professor & Eminent Scholar
Dr. Yelena Prok Visiting Assistant Professor
Dr. Balsa Terzic Assistant Professor

Graduate Students

Name Year Joined
Campbell Joseph
Duffin Dallan 2014
Dzbenzki Nathan 2014
Kemp Kasie 2010
Netwon Joseph
Omar Maha 2008
Payette David 2014
Roof Stetson 2010
Tiskumara Jay 2014
White Grady 2009
Win Aye Lu 2006

Undergraduate Students

Name Declared Major
Mathieu Ehrhart Physics
Josh Frecham Physics