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Course-Specific Tutoring

Tutoring Locations

PEP: Peer Educator Program
MSRC: Math and Science Resource Center
CSL: Computer Science Lab
PLL: Physics Learning Lab
ML: Math Lab
LLC: Language Learning Center
DS: Departmental Support
SMART: Smart Thinking (Online Tutoring)

Course-specific tutoring is available for many academic subjects offered at ODU. The information below details which courses are available for tutoring, along with the tutoring labs and locations.

Courses Available for Tutoring

Course Number Course Name Location
ACCT 201 Principles of Accounting I PEP; SMART
ACCT 202 Principles of Accounting II PEP; SMART
ANTR 110S Intro to Anthropology SMART
BIOL Biology--all 100-200 Level Courses PEP
CHEM 105-106 Introductory Chemistry
CHEM 107-108 Introductory Organic and Biochemistry MSRC
CHEM 121-124 Foundations of Chemistry MSRC
CHEM 211-213 Organic Chemistry MSRC
CHEM 441 Biochemistry MSRC (based on demand)
CRJS 262 Law and Criminal Justice System SMART
CS 149D Elements of Computer Science CSL; DS
CS 150 Problem Solving and Programming I PEP; CSL; DS
CS 170 Intro to Computer Architecture I DS
CS 252 Intro to UNIX for Programmers DS
DSCI/BNAL 206 Probability, Decision Analysis, Bus. Stats PEP; DS
DSCI/BNAL 306 Statistical Data Analysis Management PEP
ECE 200-695 Electrical Engineering
ECE 201 Circut Analysis DS
ECON 200S Basic Economics DS; SMART
ECON 201S Macroeconomics PEP; SMART
ECON 202S Microeconomics PEP; SMART
FR 101F-102F Beginning French I & II PEP; LLC
FR 201-202 Intermediate French I & II LLC
GER 101F-102F Beginning German I & II LLC
HIST 101-105 PEP
HIST 103H Latin America in a World Setting PEP; SMART
JAPN 111-250F Beginning and Intermediate Japanese PEP; LLC
MAE 205 Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
MAE 220 Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering PEP
MAE 307 Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering PEP
MATH 101M Intro--Math for Critical Thinking MSRC; ML; SMART
MATH 102M College Algebra MSRC; ML; SMART
MATH 103 College Algebra with Supplemental Instruction
MATH 162M Precalculus I MSRC; ML; SMART
MATH 163 Precalculus II MSRC
MATH 200 Business Calc & Matrices MSRC; ML; SMART
MATH 211 Calculus I PEP; ML; SMART
MATH 212 Calculus II PEP; ML; SMART
MATH 302 Geometry MSRC (based on demand)
MATH 312 Calculus III PEP; ML
PHIL 120P Logic & Philosophy SMART
PHYS 101/102 Conceptual Physics PLL
PHYS 111N Intro to General Physics PEP; PLL
PHYS 112N Intro to General Physics PEP; PLL
PHYS 231N University Physics PEP; PLL
PHYS 232N University Physics PEP; PLL
POLS 102 Intro to Comparative Politics/Government SMART
PSYC 317 Quantitative Methods MSRC
SOC -201S Introduction to Sociology PEP
SPAN 101F Beginning Spanish I PEP; LLC
SPAN 102F Beginning Spanish II PEP; LLC
SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish I PEP; LLC; SMART
SPAN 202 Intermediate Spanish II PEP; LLC; SMART
STAT 130M Statistics PEP; ML; SMART