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Police Department

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Your safety at ODU is our highest priority. That is why the ODU police department is patrolling and on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If there is any suspicious activity happening outside your dorm or you need an escort to take you to the other side of campus at night, the ODU police are here to create a healthy and safe environment that enhances your learning experiences on campus.

The ODU Police Department is a state certified law enforcement agency established under the Code of Virginia. As such our officers carry the same authority as any state, municipal or county law enforcement officer. We share concurrent jurisdiction with the City of Norfolk Police Department in an area which extends south from Magnolia Avenue to 38th Street, west from Colley Avenue to the Elizabeth River.


Police Administration, Investigations, Patrol Division, Emergency Management, Communications and Community Policing make up the different divisions of the Police Department.