Critical Hardware Replacement for Banner October 12

The following administrative systems are planned to be unavailable for service starting October 12th midnight until 8am October 14th as part of the administrative systems hardware replacement project. It is possible the work will be completed earlier than expected at which time the systems will come online as soon as they are validated by the functional areas.

• Banner INB Forms for Finance, HR/Payroll, Financial Aid and Student
• Leo Online
• Travel and Expense Management
• Touchnet Payment System – Students will not be able to make payments
• Banner Workflow
• Banner Flexible Registration
• Footprints (not upgraded but will be impacted by the upgrade for banner access)

All testing of this hardware upgrade has been completed with significant improvements in the overall performance of these new systems. The new environment will comprise a new VMware Oracle WebLogic Cluster to house over 15 production web application servers, a new Banner database server and new storage for the databases. All changes and configurations will be staged to minimize down time. The functionality of the systems will not be impacted by this outage.

For more information about the functionality of the systems you may contact the following areas.

Banner Finance, Touchnet Payment and Travel and Expense
Banner HR/Payroll                                                                             Cheri Murphy
Banner Student, Flexible Registration                                           Mary Swartz
Leo Online                                                                                           Mary Swartz, Cheri Murphy
Banner Financial Aid                                                                         Vera Riddick
Banner Workflow                                                                               Cheri Murphy, Mary Swartz
Footprints                                                                                            Candice Goodin

Posted By: Bruce Sutton
Date: Fri Oct 11 10:12:17 EDT 2013