Help ODU Shift the Power!

Did you know that Norfolk is the second-most climatically threatened city in the U.S?

Did you know that we have North America's largest coal pier sitting in our backyard?

Do you live in Lambert's Point or West Ghent? Have you noticed the layer of coal soot on your house?

ODU students from an array of organizations are heading to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania this October for Power Shift 2013-- a convergence of 15,000 youth activists from all over the country. While there, we will gain a more in-depth understanding of anti-oppression, diversity, and the recognition of privilege, attend training and workshops, plan campaigns, network, meet inspiring keynote speakers, have a breakout group with all of the other youth activists in Virginia, and so much more. We are doing this in order to fight fracking, divest from fossil fuels, demand climate justice, and build a clean energy economy that works for everyone! Most of all, we want to save our sinking city!

Please consider helping us pay for food, travel, and registration, by making a donation, here:
Every tax-deductable donation, no matter how small, will go directly to helping to make our Power Shift goals a reality. For a breakdown of expenses, please click here.
Remember, if you cannot donate, every "like", "share", and "tweet" helps too!

Want to go with us? The final discount day is Monday the 7th, and registration will close altogether on the 10th! Email NOW to talk logistics and get registered for the time of your life!

See attached flyer.

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Posted By: Erin Fagan
Date: Fri Oct 11 00:27:32 EDT 2013