M-Power Schedule A Presentation

M-Power Peer Education


“Empowering students to create a S.A.F.E campus”


Schedule a 45 minute Game show


•             Deal or No Deal- The Rules of Consent and other Relationship Challenges

•             Jeopardy- Creating a S.A.F.E. campus (Sexual Assault Free Environment)

•             Bro Code- Preventing Relationship Violence


Schedule a 45 minute Education & Awareness Program


•             Understanding Alcohol and Drug Facilitated Rape

•             She’s Just Not That Into You- Stalking Awareness & Prevention

•             Step IN & Speak UP- Being an Empowered Bystander

•             Red Flags in relationships & what to do about them!

•             Got Consent?


Schedule a Game Show or Education & Awareness Program at the Women’s Center or email Michele Haynam at: mhaynam@odu.edu



Women's Center


1000 Webb Center


(757) 683-4109






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Posted By: Kishla Conner
Date: Wed Oct 09 10:00:26 EDT 2013