Off Campus Housing Safety (Door/Window Alarms)

Off Campus Housing Safety

Heading out of town this weekend? Looking for a few ways to make your home more secure during breaks? Follow the top 5 safety tips listed below and then stop by the Student Engagement Office to pick up your 2 FREE DOOR/WINDOW ALARMS. No hardware required installation and it only takes about 30 seconds to do! We’re located in Webb Center above the Student Health Center.

Home Safety Tips
1. Light the outside of your home to make it more visible to your neighbors.
2. Install dead-bolt locks on all outside doors.
3. Install locks and alarms on Windows.
4. Don’t keep expensive jewelry, collectibles, or large amounts of cash in your home.
5. Keep a list of your valuables and their serial numbers.



Sponsored by Student Engagement & Enrollment Services and Student Government Association.

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Posted By: Ravi Narayanan
Date: Wed Jun 26 12:14:42 EDT 2013