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Board of Visitors

A 17-member board appointed by the Governor, the Board of Visitors has the power to control and expend the funds of the University and any appropriation made to it, the power to make all rules and regulations concerning the University, the power to appoint the President, who is the chief executive officer of the University.

Members of the Board of Visitors are appointed for four-year renewable terms, and no member may serve for or during more than two successive four-year terms. Three members may be non-residents of Virginia, and at least three members must be alumni of Old Dominion University. A non-voting student representative is elected annually by the Board of Visitors.

The Board of Visitors holds quarterly meetings in September, December, April and June of each year. Meetings of the Executive Committee are scheduled during the months in which the full Board does not meet.

2013-2014 Meeting Schedule

Board of Visitors Meetings

Executive Committee Meetings


A list of current members of the board and dates appointed.


The Board of Visitors is made up of six standing committees...

BOV Manual & Policies

Review the statutory requirements, bylaws and policies that govern the Board of Visitors.