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Darden College ofEducation

The Darden College of Education prepares distinguished professionals who become leaders in their fields. The College is committed to excellence in teaching, scholarly activities, and service. Within the context of a diverse student population and faculty, the college strives to achieve its goals of excellence by meeting the needs of Virginia, the nation and the world.

U.S. News and World Report graduate school rankings place the Darden College of Education 65th out of 235 colleges of education. The graduate program in Counseling was ranked 18th in the same poll for 2012.

The Cochlear Implant research program for oral preschool children has drawn national attention. The Commonwealth Special Education Endorsement Program (CSEEP) has received the Christa McAuliffe Award for Excellence in Teaching, and Human Movement Sciences faculty members have authored two national policy statements on exercise and health.

Most DCOE professional programs have achieved national distinction in one or more areas of research and teaching.


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The departments within the Darden College of Education address education at all levels and from many approaches. If you're interested in education, you'll find it here.


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Partnership is at the heart of the Darden College of Education. We offer programs to help stimulate the love of teaching and other opportunities for educators and the community.