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Educational Accessibility

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out when my final exam is scheduled for?

  • If your final exam is not listed in your class syllabus, please visit the Old Dominion University Registrar's Spring 2012 Exam Schedule web page to figure out when your final exam will be.

What if my professor is giving my final exam prior to finals week?

  • You will need to submit a regular Test Request Form.

Why do I only have 2 choices of start times to take my finals in OEA?

  • We are using these two specific start times to accommodate your 6 hours and to help control the amount of traffic flow and commotion while you are testing in our office. This information will be conveyed to your professors in the test request letter they receive from me.

What if I have two finals scheduled on the same day?

  • We do not recommend you take more than one final per day due to time constraints. You are responsible for making sure that you receive your accommodation of up to double time.
  • Discuss with your professors an alternative day when you do not have another exam scheduled. However, IF you know you will not need to use the full 6 hours to complete both exams, you may contact OEA to set up a time separate from the two options on our website.

Which time should I choose? 8:30am or 12pm?

  • If your final exam is scheduled before 12:00pm, choose 8:30am. If your final exam is scheduled for any time after 12:00pm, choose 12:00pm. Our office will close at 6:00pm each day.

What should I bring with me to take my final exam in OEA?

  • Bring any class materials which are permitted to complete the exam (such as blue books). Our office will supply scratch paper, blue scantrons, and green scantrons but not blue books.

If I miss the deadline to submit a final exam request online, what information do I need to provide OEA when I contact them?

  • If you have to email the Testing Coordinator (educationalaccessibilitytestingcoordinator@odu.edu) regarding a LATE final exam request, you must provide the office with the same pertinent information used in the online form:
  • Your Name and Contact Information, Course (e.g. ENGL 110), Exam Date, Exam Time (8:30am or 12:00pm), Professor Name, Professors' Contact Information, and any Alternative Testing Needs.

Old Dominion University advocates for all students with disabilities in the pursuit of their educational objectives. It enhances their overall university experiences by providing services and accommodations. The office helps to ensure equal access to all campus facilities and activities. It fosters acceptance by designing opportunities which highligh respect, awareness and understanding of individuals with disabilities. It empowers students to become self advocates as they fulfill their collegiate goals so they can find success at ODU and in future endeavors.

Documentation Guidelines

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Guidelines for documenting disabilities to receive on-campus support and accommodations..

Resources for Registered Students


Resources for Faculty & Staff

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Service Animals on Campus

Service Dog

Some students with disabilities require service animals in order to help them access the university environment.

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