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Modeling & Simulation (D.Eng.)

Degree Level: Graduate
College: Engineering & Technology
Department: Modeling, Simulation & Visualization Engineering
Degree Earned: Doctor of Engineering
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The Doctorate Engineering in Modeling and Simulation program focuses on developing the advanced knowledge and skills to enable the graduate to conduct and lead advanced technical projects in an engineering environment. It affords engineering practitioners the opportunity to achieve advanced graduate education beyond the master's degree.

Career Directions

Students in this program normally are employed full-time in industry, government, or the military in an engineering capacity and have duties related to modeling and simulation. They often are responsible for conducting or leading advanced research and development activities suitable for investigation in an academic environment. They plan to participate in the Doctorate Engineering program on a part-time basis and focus their program project work on job-related problems or investigations.

Related Experiences

Internships in areas related to the program are available. Students are encouraged to assist with faculty research projects and to present their own research at regional, national and international professional communication associations. Opportunities to develop study abroad programs are available.


Curriculum Information

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  • Master's degree in an engineering or science discipline closely related modeling and simulation
  • A minimum grade-point-average in graduate course work of 3.5 (4.0 scale)
  • Kowledge of mathematical fundamentals including differential and integral calculus, ordinary differential equations, calculus-based probability and statistics, and linear algebra
  • Knowledge of computer sciences fundamentals including an object-oriented programming language such as C++ or JAVA algorithmic problem solving, and data structures