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Modeling & Simulation Engineering (B.S.M.S.E.)

Degree Level: Undergraduate
College: Engineering & Technology
Major : Modeling & Simulation Engineering
Department: Modeling, Simulation & Visualization Engineering
Degree Earned: Bachelor of Science in Modeling and Simulation Engineering
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What is Modeling and Simulation Engineering?

Modeling and Simulation Engineering is taking a concept, design or hypothesis and testing it in real-world conditions through:

  • Graphical and Mathematical Models
  • Virtual Reality Simulations
  • Serious Gaming
  • Computer Programming
  • 3-D Printed Models
  • Statistical Analysis

The modeling and simulation engineering program seeks to prepare graduates who, after the first few years of their professional careers, have:

  • Established themselves as practicing professionals in modeling and simulation engineering or a related area;
  • Demonstrated their ability to work successfully as members of a professional team and to function effectively as responsible professionals; and,
  • Demonstrated their ability to adapt to changing situations, evolving technologies, and new career challenges.


The modeling and simulation engineering program was initiated in January 2010 and will seek accreditation by the Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) of ABET as a general engineering program following graduation of the first senior class.

The Modeling, Simulation & Visualization Engineering Department

The MSVE Department is located on the first floor of the E. V. Williams Engineering and Computational Sciences Building on the Old Dominion University Norfolk Campus. In addition to the department and faculty offices, this facility also houses several instructional and research laboratories, a virtual reality theater, and a four-walled C.A.V.E. (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment). A significant resource to the department is the Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center located adjacent to the University's Tri-Cities Higher Education Center in Suffolk, Virginia. VMASC occupies a two-story 60,000 square foot building designed to support state-of-the-art research in modeling, simulation and visualization. Some of the center's facilities are used in the department's educational programs; in addition, VMASC researchers teach courses and mentor students in the department's academic programs.

Related Experiences


Internship Opportunities

M&SE students are encouraged to pursue internships (and other relevant practical experiences) during their academic career. Students may earn credit (MSIM 368) for approved internship programs. To earn credit, a student must provide information to the MSVE Department as to who will provide the internship opportunity, the duties and objectives of the internship, and file the necessary paperwork with the BCET Liaison with the Career Management Center. The department will review the information concerning the internship and determine if it is worthy of awarding credit or not. Credit awarded may be counted towards a technical elective in the M&SE degree program.

Co-Op Opportunities

M&SE students may also pursue co-op opportunities during their academic career. Students may earn credit (MSIM 367) for approved co-op programs. A student may earn 1 credit hour per term for up to three terms (3 credit hours total). A student earning co-op credit may count the experience towards an approved program elective in the degree program. Students wishing to pursue a co-op opportunity should work with the MSVE Department and the Career Management Center.

Faculty Research Opportunities

When available, students may have the opportunity to join department faculty on research opportunities and projects.


Modeling and simulation engineering job opportunities include:

  • Designing and manufacturing simulation-based team training systems for the medical field, military training and mission rehearsal;
  • Designing and building computer games for education and entertainment;
  • Analyzing land use and transportation system designs; and,
  • Enhancing and improving complex social networks.

Classes & Requirements

The Department of Modeling, Simulation and Visualization Engineering offers an undergraduate, four-year degree program leading to the Bachelor of Science Degree in Modeling and Simulation Engineering (M&SE).

The M&SE curriculum is based upon a solid foundation in mathematics and basic sciences. Core program content includes a thorough introduction to key concepts from engineering and computer science, the major modeling and simulation paradigms, computer visualization, statistical analysis methods, and simulation software design. Students will participate in laboratory courses provide hands-on experience in the engineering of modeling and simulation systems. A capstone course sequence taken during the senior year provides an opportunity to exercise this cumulative preparation to solve a real engineering problem in a team setting. Additional courses in autonomous systems and robotics, serious game development, and cyber security are offered in the undergraduate program as technical electives.

Program graduates will be prepared to enter the workforce as entry-level modeling and simulation engineers. In addition, graduates will be prepared to enter graduate study in modeling and simulation and, with appropriate choice of program electives, other disciplines where modeling and simulation has application. M&SE graduates also will be prepared to seek certification as Certified Modeling and Simulation Professionals (CMSP) and licensure as an Engineer in Training (EIT).

The M&SE program is designed for accreditation by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET as a general engineering program. The first accreditation visit is scheduled for fall 2014.

Learn more about the B.S. in Modeling and Simulation Engineering outcomes and objectives.

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Next Steps & Admission

The Office of Admissions evaluates and admits freshmen based on high school performance, references and SAT scores. All incoming freshman engineering students are admitted to the Engineering Fundamentals Division. Students in the MSVE department work closely with faculty and staff to ensure a successful experience in the program. Quality advising and support services are provided to help students progress towards graduation. Co-curricular opportunities are also provided to help students have a well-rounded education in the program. The MSVE department works closely with local community colleges to develop transfer articulation agreements so that students who complete pre-engineering associate of science degrees can transfer seamlessly to the M&SE undergraduate program.

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