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Emerging Monarchs

Working Together

The Emerging Monarchs phase of the Comprehensive Leadership Program focuses on the self and transitions into leadership within the community and student organizations. The program includes workshops, various co-curricular activities, an overnight retreat, and an online forum. Topics addressed in the program include:

  • Self-Discovery
  • Values Clarification
  • Networking, teambuilding, and leading others
  • Power & Privilege
  • Service

Participants will meet during the fall semester. Cohort meetings will resume in the spring semester on a date to be determined.

As a result of participating in the Emerging Leaders Program, participants will:

  • Be introduced to the Social Change Model
  • Be more self-aware of their leadership style and preferences
  • Develop skills to be able to successfully work in groups and teams
  • Identify personal values
  • Be introduced to leadership and engagement opportunities at ODU and the greater community

Programs and initiatives in the Emerging Leaders Program include:

  • Leadership Lecture Series
  • Leadership Lab
  • Emerging Leaders Retreat
  • Service

This program is recommended for:

  • First Year and Second Year students
  • Students recently involved in a student organization
  • Students exploring involvement opportunities at ODU
  • Transfer Students

In order for you to get the most out of the Emerging Monarchs Program, we ask that you make the commitment to engage fully in the initiatives listed above. Participants are encouraged to attend Leadership Labs, Leadership Lecture Series, and explore student involvement opportunities at ODU.

We encourage you to examine your current skills and see if the Emerging Monarchs Program is the right fit for you to grow as a leader!

There is a $20 fee for the program. The fee covers the cost of the overnight retreat, transportation, and meal expenses.

Register for the Emerging Monarchs Program here.