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Special Interest Housing

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Fill out the application for special interest housing now!

Old Dominion University has a wealth of diverse student populations with a multitude of different interests, majors, and desires. As we strive to create a residential experience that offers students the opportunity to experience university-life with a smaller group of students who share similar majors, cultures, or interests, Housing & Residence Life is pleased to introduce Special Interest Housing.

Special Interest and Theme Housing is a student-driven initiative that allows a group of students with a common interest area to request Housing & Residence Life to set aside a particular floor section, building, or area in one of our residential communities for their particular group. Groups do not have to be a registered student organization, just a group of students with a shared vision of how they can have a positive impact at ODU and the overall residential experience. The groups could even be sponsored by a particular school or college, department, or even an individual faculty or staff member so get your thinking caps on!

How about international studies, global crossroads and passports program or maybe a community focusing on culinary or fine and professional arts; possibly a Spanish language floor or a community solely for female students; interested in focusing on performance arts or even sustainability or health and wellness? As you can see, the possibilities are endless and only capped by our imaginations. What better way to benefit our students then to share your passion and sponsor a Special Interest and Theme Housing group!