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Board of Visitors Policy 1003

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Handbook and paperwork for the newly hired.

Old Dominion University

Board of Visitors Policy

1003 The University's Name and Identification

Date of Current Revision or Creation: June 14, 2012
  1. Name

    As provided by statute, the name of the university is Old Dominion University.

    The name of the university shall not be used in the name of any other corporation, association, organization or other entity or used in any other way so as to identify the university with the aims, policies, programs, products, or opinions of any other entity or its members, without the express authority of the president.

    The name of the university shall not be used to align the university with any political, economic, social, or cultural cause or for any private commercial or promotional advertis­ing purposes whatsoever without express authority from the presi­dent.

  2. Seal

    The seal of the university shall be as follows:

    The central portion of the seal is a modified and simplified version of the Stuart arms, royal arms of the Stuart rulers of England at the time Virginia became known as the Old Dominion. Included therein are the shields of the kingdoms of England, Scotland, Ireland, and France, the last of which England still claimed at the time. Over this is placed the coat of arms of The College of William and Mary, granted by the Herald's College in 1694, to indicate the origin of the university. Within concentric circles around the shields are the name of the institution and the date of its founding as follows: "Old Dominion University 1930."

    The university seal will be used for official university business where traditional imagery is appropriate or as other­wise deemed appropriate by the president.

  3. Flag

    The flag of the university has a royal blue background, with the seal of the university in color in the center. The propor­­tion of the length of the flag to the width is 3 to 2, and the proportion of the width of the flag to the diameter of the seal is 2 to 1. If a fringe is used, it shall be gold and shall be 1/20th of the length of the flag.

    The president shall be responsible for establishing policies governing the display of the flag.

  4. Colors

    The university colors are blue (PMS 540) and silver and were selected to be highly distinctive and unique to Old Dominion University. In applications where silver may not be used, grey (PMS 430) should be substituted.

    Color Palette:

    In addition to Old Dominion University's blue and silver school colors, the ODU brand employs six additional colors. These vibrant tones were chosen for their youthful feel and because they retain a sense of energy at lower opacities. They are: PMS Orange 021, PMS 369, PMS 283, PMS 110, PMS 7427 and PMS Violet.

    The president shall be responsible for establishing policies governing the use and application of the university colors.

  5. Logo and Signature

    Two components make up the ODU signature: the word mark and the logo. The word mark is rendered in the Beaufort Bold font (caps and small caps). The crown is a fresh expression of the qualities of prestige and

    The ODU signature can be used with or without the tagline. When presented in full color, the signature employs the school colors PMS 540 (blue) and PMS 430 (gray). The tagline is PMS 540. When presented in a single color, 10% black or 100% PMS 540 is used to maintain the dimension of the signature. When reversed, the background must be a dark value so that the signature is clearly read - 100% black or PMS 540 is

    The University tagline, 'Idea Fusion," is rendered in two weights of the font Geometric 415: "Idea" in medium, all caps, and "Fusion" in black, all, caps. In full color "Idea Fusion" is PMS

    The president shall be responsible for establishing policies governing the use and application of the university's logo and signature.