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Board of Visitors Policy 1110

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Handbook and paperwork for the newly hired.

Old Dominion University

Board of Visitors Policy

1110 Editorial Revisions to Board of Visitors Policies and Procedures

Date of Current Revision or Creation: December 10, 2021

RESOLVED, that the Board of Visitors approves editorial revisions to Board of Visitors policies and procedures when there are non-discretionary statutory code changes in the Virginia Code or when title changes or changes in office names are made by the University. The Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and University Counsel have authority to make these kinds of revisions to Board policies without presenting individual policies to the Board of Visitors for approval. The Board will be notified of such changes at its next regular meeting.


There are times when the non-discretionary changes are made to the Virginia Code or titles of university adminis­tra­tors or the names of university offices are made by the University. Allowing these editorial changes to be made without presenting individual policies to the Board each time a change is made keeps the information in the policies and procedures current and allows the Board to spend its time on more substantive issues.