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Department ofCommunication & Theatre Arts

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The Department of Communication & Theatre Arts believes that communication is a human right and that people have a fundamental need to have their stories heard. As members of a diverse community, we have a desire and a responsibility to listen to the voices of anger, fear, and sorrow for the current and ongoing injustices flowing through our society and help amplify those voices that have been marginalized.

  • We stand against racism and injustice.

  • We stand for the lives and dreams of our students, their families, and our communities.

  • We pledge to work together to foster more equitable forms of communication that contribute to a more just society.


Communication is key to problem-solving, relationship formation and enhancement, community engagement and social change. Communication exists at the intersection of art and science, persuasion and precision. Our programs meld the creative, critical, and empirical dimensions of communication into expressive and analytical tools that prepare students for existing and emerging careers and to become engaged and empathetic participants in their relationships, communities, and in society.

We are training our students to become digital strategists, health communication experts, performing artists for stage, screen and dance (and creative technicians/craft persons/managers behind the scenes), in crisis communications, public relations, film and television, and as educators, researchers, and scholars.

More importantly, we are training our society's next generation of leaders and providing them with real-world opportunities to practice their skills in an entrepreneurial and experiential environment. Students work with dedicated artists, scholars, and professionals in pursuit of grounded and innovative exploration of the communication tools and strategies used to foster human connection and expression.

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