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GPIS Concentration:International Cultural Studies

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Participants gather for a group photo at the ODU Graduate Program in International Studies’ Annual Graduate Research Conference. College of Arts and Letters

International Cultural Studies Field Seminars

  • Students selecting this field as their major or minor must take International Cultural Studies (IS 770/860) as their required field course.
  • M.A. students must select TWO or more courses within the field.
  • Ph.D. students must choose FOUR more courses.
  • Students are strongly advised to take courses other than those listed below only in consultation with the field coordinator.

IS 760/860 International Cultural Studies History, Theory and Application
(offered in Spring by Dr. Angelica Huizar)

3 Credits. Course analyzes culture in the context of material conditions in which it is produced, disseminated, controlled and practiced. Theoretical application of cultural studies will include developing familiarity with key foundational theories, terminologies, and critical thinking.

IS 795 / 895 Transnational Media Practices
(offered in alternate summers by Dr. Avi Santo)

Lecture, 3 hours. 3 credits. Course examines the key roles played by media technologies in implementing and promoting international development programs, as well as some of the concerns these initiatives have raised in terms of media literacy, cultural sovereignty, and information access.

IS 795 / 895 Media & Migration

(offered in alternate summers by Dr. Avi Santo)

IS795 / 895 International Health

IS 715 / 825 French Political Thought

(offered alternate Spring semesters by Dr. Peter Schulman)

IS 795 / 895 Gender & Globalization
(offered by Dr. Jennifer Fish)

Lecture, 3 hours. 3 credits. Studies systems of global restructuring as they impact women throughout the globe. Migration, international development, and transnational activism will be focal themes, explored across a variety of national contexts.

IS 795 / 895 Gender & International Migration

(offered by Dr. Jennifer Fish)