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You Visit Tour. Webb Lion Fountain. June 1 2017. Photo David B. Hollingsworth

Roaming Pride Patrol to enforce Spirit Fridays Dress Code

This is a public service announcement: Monarchs out and about on the Old Dominion University campus on Spirit Fridays without wearing blue and silver colors or official ODU apparel risk a citation from the Pride Patrol.

The entire University community is asked to participate in the tradition every Friday. Representatives from the Student Government Association, bookstore, athletics department, and The Office of Leadership & Student Involvement, comprise the Pride Patrol that will issue citations to spirit scofflaws.

You have been warned.

But don't fret; the "special" citation is actually a ticket offering a bookstore apparel discount that should be a welcome surprise to first time offenders, said student An T. Pham, a leader in the Student Government Association effort. She also noted "there's no return customers" so citation recipients should use the ticket "wisely."

And for those in the ODU community who do show their University spirit on Fridays, the Pride Patrol isn't just on the hunt for offenders. Prizes will also be awarded to students who demonstrate exceptional Monarch pride.

"You never know when the Pride Patrol will be giving out special prizes," Pham said. "So make sure you wear blue and silver every Friday!"