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Entrepreneurial Resources on Campus

The makerspace isn't the only place students can get their fill of hands-on learning on campus. There are many resources at Old Dominion University that promote entrepreneurship and engineering, one of which is within the new on-campus residence, Owens house. The founded house sports its name to pay homage to Dr. Hugo A. Owens Sr., a local civil rights activist, and ODU supporter. It comes as no surprise that the completely wireless residency contains incredible academic resources such as classrooms, a computer lab, and an innovation lab in addition to the four living learning communities. This space was curated specifically for students to express their engineering and potential entrepreneurship skills as they explore creative ventures throughout their undergraduate years.

The lounge is calm and aesthetically pleasing, with workspaces and classrooms containing easily movable furniture to allow students to reorganize their spaces as needed. This helps promote collaboration in and outside of the classrooms. These classrooms, the computer lab, and the innovation lab are all included on the first floor of this student residence- And the labs aren't solely for the residents, either.

The Innovation Lab is a micro-makerspace for students to work on their own projects and designs. The space is being continuously improved, and currently houses two Ultimaker S3 3D printers along with other tools and computing resources. These particular 3D printer models provide high build volume and precision with reliable dual extrusion options. These tools combined with the easily maneuverable furniture in the gorgeous, open space, allow students to produce high-quality iterations of their own designs freely. Once this space has been finalized and student training has been completed, the space will be open for all students to learn and grow within. We hope that the space will be helpful to students of all years, and hope to see you in the innovation lab sometime soon.