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Google Apps

What is Google Apps for Education?

Google Apps for Education is a suite of online software applications that offers integrated communication and collaboration tools. Google Apps provides a platform to share information and ideas using Google's communication, collaboration, and publishing tools. Students and faculty can create and share documents, spreadsheets, and calendar events, as well as communicate using chat and video messaging.

Logging into Google Apps from your Web Browser

  1. Go to any of Google's affiliated websites (except for Gmail).
    • https://accounts.google.com/
    • https://drive.google.com
    • https://plus.google.com
    • https://docs.google.com
    • https://groups.google.com/
    • https://www.google.com/calendar
    • http://www.youtube.com
  2. At the login prompt, enter your full user@odu.edu email address and leave the password blank, then click sign in.

Key Features & Benefits

(STUDENTS ONLY) Students will enjoy Google's email interface with a powerful spam filter and 25 GB of storage. Faculty and staff accounts are not eligible for Gmail but should find equal service using the University Exchange system.

Gmail overview

Store up to 25 GB of your important files in the cloud (any format.) Create, share and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with fellow students across campus or across the world.

Google Drive is available on your Mac, PC, Android or IOS device. (formerly Google Docs)

Google Drive overview

Organize your schedule, Keep a personal calendar to coordinate meetings, schedule events, or share with others

Google Calendar overview

Create websites using simple tools and publish them via Google

Google Sites overview

User-created online and email-based groups providing mailing lists, easy content sharing, searchable archives, and more.

Google Groups overview

Conversations come to life with Google Hangouts which provide the ability to communicate with other Google users via chat, voice, or video.

  • Send messages, photos and emoji.
  • Provides a method of creating, broadcasting, and/or recording an online meeting, interview, study group, or tutoring.
  • Hold video calls with up to 15 people.
  • Connect across computers, Android and Apple devices.

Google Hangouts overview

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