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Shuiwang Ji

  • Shuiwang Ji
  • Assistant Professor
  • Computer Science Department
  • 3325 Engr and Comp Sci Bldg
  • Norfolk, VA 23529
  • 757-683-7717
  • sji@odu.edu
  • Education

    Arizona State University, 2010
    Major: Computer Science
    Degree: Ph. D.
    Wuhan University of Science and Technology, 2002
    Major: Computer Science
    Degree: M.S.
  • Research Interests

    Machine Learning: Theory and algorithms for dimensionality reduction, multiple kernal learning, multi-task learning, convex optimization, and deep learning Computer Vision: Deep learning for visual object and action recognition Computational Biology: Computational modeling of regulatory networks in fruit fly Drosophila; automated developmental time determination, body part keywords annotation, and overlapping pattern detection of Drosophilia gene expression pattern images; protein function prediction from biological networks
  • 2010: Outstanding PhD Student in Computer Science, Arizona State University
  • 2009: Best Performer in TRECVID video surveillance evaluation, National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • 2009: Student Scholarship, 26th International Conference on Machine Learning
  • 2008: Conference Travel Grant Award, Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA), Arizona State University
  • 2008: Student Travel Award, The 14th ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (SIGKDD 2008)
  • 2008: Student Travel Award, The 22nd Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS 2008)
  • 2007: Student Travel Award, The 24th International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML 2007)
  • Intellectual Property

    3D Convolutional Neural Networks for Automatic Human Action Recognition
    Patent/Copyright: Patent
    Patent Nationality: United States
    Ji, S.
    Xu, W.
    Yang, M.
    Yu, K.