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Office ofResearch

The Office of Research is dedicated to fostering the creation of intellectual capital that can address today's issues, improve the quality of life, and provide an engine for economic growth by facilitating research and development across six colleges and its many research centers. The office establishes and oversees the university's legal, ethical and safety standards and regulations relating to research.

It houses the institutional research officers and staff members who are able to leverage a breadth of experience to convey quality services related to development of research programs, compliance in the conduct of research, intellectual property, technology transfer, and governance issues related to sponsored programs.

Sponsored research administration services, encompassing the range of pre-and post-award grant and contract administration, are provided by the Old Dominion University Research Foundation, which is a separate entity from the Office of Research. For a full breakdown of services provided by each, please read or download the Guide to Research Support.

Research Development

The 2012 4th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium

Research Compliance

Kent Carpenter

ODU is committed to complying with all research laws and regulations; including animals, humans, chemicals, lasers and more.

Innovations Commercialization


Intellectual property generated or acquired by the University is carefully evaluated to protect those inventions and market their potential.

Research Funding


There are many ways to fund different types of research and scholarly pursuits within the University.

Forms, Policies & Procedures

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Intramural Funding


Regulations Regarding Federal Appropriations


Each year, Congress appropriates money to support research and development (R&D), science and technology (S&T), education, and service programs, all of which impact those of us in higher education.

Glossary of Research Administration Terms

Spiral notebook

Commonly used terms related to grants, contracts and proposals.

Research Committees

Biodiesel Research

A list of the various research committees at ODU.

Research Training

Conducting Research

All members of the ODU community conducting research must complete the Responsible Conduct of Research training.

Faculty Research Award

Research Lab

In recognition of the contributions of researchers at Old Dominion University, a Research Achievement Award is presented annually.

Search for Expertise

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Search for faculty expertise.