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Visitors in Class Policy

Tri-Cities Higher Education Center

This policy applies to ODU and TCC students.

Old Dominion University/Tidewater Community College Tri-Cities Center Policy Regarding Unaccompanied Minors

The ODU/TCC Tri-Cities Center cannot accept responsibility, or liability, for children left unattended at the Center, the grounds, in automobiles, lounge areas, computer labs, or administrative offices.


While we understand that students with children may at times have problems with securing a caretaker, we also cannot jeopardize the program's integrity and subject ourselves to the multiple liability issues associated with having children and other visitors in classes. It may not only be distracting to other classmates but also puts the University at risk in the event of injury or harm to the child and/or to other classmates.

Other Functions

Likewise, minors not participating in a specific function may not be left unattended while parents are involved in another function here at the Center.

We regret the necessity of this policy, but please do not ask for an exception. Failure to comply with this policy will lead to disciplinary action or to referral to appropriate law enforcement officials.