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GPA Calculator

Calculating Your Cumulative Grade Point Average

Each letter grade carries a grade point value that is used in calculating the grade point average (GPA). Grades with + or - carry different grade points than the letter grade alone (i.e., B=3.00 grade points, B+ = 3.30 grade points, B- = 2.70 grade points). The cumulative GPA is determined by dividing the total grade points earned by the total credit hours attempted (it is not an average of several term GPAs). All GPAs are truncated, NOT rounded.

The Grade Key explains the grade point value of each letter grade, a list of grades that do not affect the GPA, and notes regarding codes that precede or follow grades (i.e., grade forgiveness, ARC, non-degree credit, etc.). A grade key is also provided on the back of each official transcript.

The example below, based on a single semester, illustrates how the GPA is calculated. All grades received during a student's enrollment (except the grades of W, P, Z, and F in a Pass/Fail course) are included in the cumulative GPA. Grades from other colleges are excluded.

GPA Example

Semester Hours Grade Grade Points for Grade Grade Points for Course
1st subject 4 A 4 4x4= 16
2nd subject 3 B 3 3x3= 9
3rd subject 3 C 2 2x3= 6
4th subject 3 D 1 1x3= 3
5th subject 2 F 0 0x2= 0
15 hrs 34 grade points
34 grade points / 15 credit hours = 2.26 GPA

Questions about the GPA should be addressed to the Office of the University Registrar.

Target GPA Calculator
Students may use the GPA calculator provided in DegreeWorks to determine grades, credit hours and GPA needed to reach a target GPA. However, the academic advisor should be consulted before making any decisions based on calculations using this tool.