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The Frank Batten College of Engineering and Technology at Old Dominion University offers an engineering education that takes advantage of the unique characteristics of the Hampton Roads area and of the University. Consequently, an engineering education at Old Dominion has a number of distinct advantages including:

Engineering Up-Front:

Freshmen engage in our Engineering Fundamentals Division, immediately become engaged in practical engineering and technology activities through the two semester sequence of required courses, Freshmen Engineering and Technology I & II (ENGN 110 & 111). Group projects allow students to experience the professional spectrum from idea generation through its translation into the design, manufacture, and commercialization cycle. Students are discouraged from declaring a specific engineering discipline as a major until they have completed these courses.

Integrated 5-Year BS/MS Program: The difference in lifetime earnings between the holder of a bachelors or a master's degree may be in the millions of dollars. Students in the Frank Batten College of Engineering and Technology may be accepted into both a bachelor's and master's program freshman year and receive both degrees in five years. The degrees need not be in the same field of engineering.

Multi-Disciplinary Focus:

In addition to an academic major, students are able to augment their career options by pursuing one of the following minors: engineering management, environmental engineering, civil engineering, modeling and simulation, motorsports engineering and computer engineering.

The BS/MD Programs:

This innovative degree program offers the opportunity for guaranteed admission to medical or law school while you complete your degree in Engineering or Engineering Technology at Old Dominion University.

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