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Graduate Program in International Studies (GPIS)


The mission of the Graduate Program in International Studies (GPIS) is to educate and train students for internationally-oriented leadership positions in academia, government, and the private sector. GPIS faculty and curriculum emphasize transnational and global perspectives as critical prerequisites for successful engagement with an inter-connected world.

GPIS Highlights

GPIS Student Body

GPIS is proud of its dynamic and diverse student body. Our students come from diverse backgrounds. Many already have an M.A. (if entering a Doctoral program) or a B.A. (if entering an M.A. program), but students' educational backgrounds are rich and varied. GPIS students have held previous degrees in the fields of Economics; History; Political Science; Linguistics; Geography; Sociology; Business Management; Foreign Languages; Communications; Literature; Creative Writing; and many more! GPIS students also come to ODU from within the U.S. as well as from all over the world. For more information on current students, visit the Meet Our M.A.s and Meet our Ph.D.s pages on our website. Many of our current students and alumni are doing exciting things in the Academic, Private, Government and Non-Profit sectors to name a few. No matter from where or what background you come to GPIS, you can be assured that you will leave with a world-class education and opportunities to work in many different fields.