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Off-Campus HousingUtility Set-up

Whether you chose to find a place to live in during the summer or you wait until you arrive for the fall semester, moving to a new place has to be made with good planning and careful choice. You'll need to have all your utilities in place in your residence before the day you anticipate to move. Before you move in, check your place and see whether your shower is functioning as well as any other services you have requested. If one of the companies you've contracted hasn't provided the service yet, contact them again to make sure everything is working and functional before you move in.


To have electricity connected, contact Dominion Power at (888) 782-0455. This company serves the entire Hampton Roads' area.


  • Save on electricity bills by purchasing special electricity saving light bulbs and by purchasing surge protector cords that you can turn off when not using an electrical appliance.
  • As you are negotiating your contract with your landlord, ask the landlord to have a programmable heating and cooling system. This can help you save on your electrical bill.
  • Make sure you maintain the good condition of your sewer by not disposing of fatty oils in the sewer. In case you want to dispose fatty oil, freeze it and then put it in a plastic bag that you can throw in the garbage.

Water & Sewage

In most cases water and sewage will be provided with your rent, but not in all cases. If they are not included, you'll need to contact the water and sanitation office. Depending on where you will live in the Hampton Roads' area in one of these numbers:

  • Norfolk: (757) 664-6701
  • Chesapeake (757) 382-3550
  • Portsmouth (757) 393-8524
  • Virginia Beach (757) 385-4631
  • Suffolk (757) 514-7000
  • Newport News (757) 962-1000
  • Hampton (757) 247-8421
  • Williamsburg (757) 220-6188

Natural Gas

To have Natural Gas, you can contact either one of these two companies: Columbia Gas of Virginia at (866) 543-8911 which caters for Chesapeake, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Suffolk or Virginia Natural Gas at (866) 229-3578 and which caters for all the Hampton Roads' Area.

Telephone Service

For land line telephone service, contact either of these companies: Cavalier Telephone at (757) 248-4000, Cox Communications at (757) 222-1111 or Verizon Communications at (757) 954-6222.

Cable, Digital & HDTV Providers

For Cable, Digital and HDTV Providers, contact either of these companies: Cavalier Telephone at (757) 248-4000 and which serves the entire Hampton Roads area; Charter Communications at (888) 438-2427 and which serves Currituck, Franklin, Isle of Wight, Smithfield, Southampton and Suffolk; Cox Communications at (757) 222-1111 and which serves the Greater Hampton Roads' area or Verizon Communications at (757) 954-6222- and which serves the Greater Hampton Roads' area.


  • Before you have a satellite in place, make sure that your landlord approves of that or if not get a request from the landlord to allow you to install a satellite. Some landlords do not allow satellites to be installed in the housing they provide and it is always good to inquire about that as you are negotiating for the contract.
  • Also, before you call a service to install cables for you, verify that the tenants before used the cable; if they did then you would not have to do another installation and may save a couple of bucks that way.

Internet Options

To have internet set in your residence, contact either of these firms:

Cavalier Telephone at (757) 248-4000 serving the Greater Hampton Roads; Charter Communications at (888) 438-2427 serving Currituck, Franklin, Isle of Wight, Smithfield, Southampton and Suffolk; Cox Communications at (757) 222-1111 serving Greater Hampton Roads' area; or Verizon Communications at (757) 954-6222 serving the Greater Hampton Roads' area.


  • When you have the option to choose between services, make an internet search or call the companies to compare the prices. It is always wise to make a fast search before committing yourself to a long-term contract. Also, always ask about hidden fees such as cancellation of service fees.
  • For more information on this topic visit the following website: