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Special Zones

Metered Parking

Coin-operated meters placed on the University properties are installed to provide short-term parking in high-demand locations. All motor vehicles except those that are properly marked as vehicles for the disabled must pay the meter fee.

Mulit-space Parking Meter
  • University decals are not valid at meters;
  • loading zone passes are not valid at meters;
  • vehicles may not remain parked after an expired time flag;
  • vehicles may receive multiple citations at meters (one-hour intervals);
  • meters are enforced one minute past midnight Sunday through 4 p.m. Friday;
  • meters will accept nickels, dimes and quarters.
Lot 57 Meters

Reserved Parking

Reserved parking spaces are located throughout the University and identified by signs that read "Reserved/Towing Enforced 24 hours." Parking in a reserved space without permission will result in a $77 fine and immediate towing of the vehicle, regardless of time of day. Please refer to the University Web site/Parking & Transportation for additional information.

Loading Zones Parking

Special areas throughout the campus are set aside and marked as loading zones. Parking in these areas is by special pass only. Authority to exceed time restrictions printed on the pass will be granted solely by the Director of Transportation and Parking Services. Emergency flashers must be flashing on the vehicle while parked in designated loading zones. The Loading Zone Pass will be placed on the driver's side of the dashboard and must be readily and entirely visible. Loading zone passes must be accompanied by a valid parking decal.

Loading zone passes are not valid at:

  • parking meters (must pay meter )
  • fire lanes
  • reserved spaces
  • handicapped spaces

Handicapped Parking

Designated accessible spaces are restricted to the exclusive use of vehicles displaying a valid ODU Parking Permit in addition to parking-for-the-disabled license plate or placard issued by the Commonwealth or another state.

Vehicles bearing a valid decal and an authorized disabled placard identification may not use any restricted parking space (such as: loading zones, reserved or service vehicle spaces).

An unauthorized vehicle in parking spaces designated for the disabled is subject to citation and immobilization or towing at the owner's expense.

Motorcycles Parking

Motorcycles may not be registered as your second vehicle. Motorcycle decals are available at a reduced rate. Motorcycle spaces are available in Garage A, B, C, and E, as well as lots 6, 9, 17, 20, 33, 42, and 48th St.

Moped Parking

Old Dominion University requires all mopeds to park at the bicycle racks, because they are not issued parking decals and mopeds are not required to have a license plate. Mopeds parked anywhere else on campus will be ticketed and confiscated until the parking fine is paid. Fine is based upon where the moped is found.