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Board of Visitors Policy 1101

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Handbook and paperwork for the newly hired.

Old Dominion University

Board of Visitors Policy

1101 Board of Visitors Governance

Date of Current Revision or Creation: June 17, 2021
  1. Board of Visitors Governance is predicated on specific sections of the Code of Virginia which serve as the Board Constitution upon which the Board of Visitors Bylaws are based. Applicable sections of the Code of Virginia are attached for reference. The Board shall delegate sufficient authority to the University President for the operation of the University, however, the Board's total authority, responsibilities, duties, and legal obligations set forth in the Code of Virginia cannot be delegated. Accordingly, service on the Board involves significant responsibility and commitment on the part of its members.

  2. The Board of Visitors Policies and Procedures are derived from the Board Constitution, Bylaws, and relevant Commonwealth regulations. The Board Policies and Procedures shall be based on good practices such as may be identified by the Final Report of the Governor's Blue Ribbon Commission on Higher Education, the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges, the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, and the National Association of Governing Boards.

  3. In accordance with Section 9.05 of the Board's Bylaws, board policies and procedures shall be reviewed on at least a five-year cycle, as established by the Board's Governance Committee, or as necessary due to changes in the laws or regulations, or to reflect current practice. The Governance Committee shall designate, as appropriate, the University administrator responsible for reviewing specific policies. The results of such review shall be shared with the full Board, and the date the policy was reviewed shall be noted on each policy, even if no revisions are recommended. University Counsel shall review all proposed new policies or revisions to existing policies and report to the Governance Committee prior to approval.

Code Provisions Applicable to Boards of Visitors

Code of Virginia, Section Title
2.2-418 - 2.2-435 Registration of Lobbyists
2.2-507 Legal Service in Civil Matters
2.2-1124 Disposition of Surplus Materials
2.2-2100 - 2.2-2106 State Authorities, Boards, Commissions, Councils, Foundations and Other Collegial Bodies
2.2-3100 - 2.2-3131 State and Local Government Conflict of Interests Act
2.2-3700 - 2.2-3714 Virginia Freedom of Information Act
2.2-3800 - 2.2-3809 Government Data Collection and Dissemination Practices Act
2.2-4300 - 2.2-4377 Virginia Public Procurement Act
23.1-101 Endowment Funds of Public Institutions of Higher Education
23.1-200 State Council of Higher Education for Virginia Established; Purpose; Membership, Terms; Officers
23.1-1300 - 23.1-1310 Governing Boards of Public Institutions of Higher Education
23.1-1300.H Student Representatives to Boards of Visitors
23.1-1303 Annual Reports Required of Boards of Visitors
23.1-1307 Governing Boards, Expenses of Visitors
23.1-2000 - 23.1-2004 Old Dominion University
23.1-2004 Program of Instruction to Educate and Train Teachers
24-2-230 - 24.1-238
Removal of Public Officers from Office
30-56 - 30-63 Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission
30-130 - 30-142 Auditor of Public Accounts
30-178 - 20-181 Virginia Freedom of Information Advisory Council
Appropriations Act:
4-0.01 - 4.14.00 Appropriations; General Provisions

Previous Revisions

September 13, 2002; June 17, 2021