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Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel

Development of Base Macro and Micro Models for the City of Virginia Beach

SUMMARY: The City of Virginia Beach is intending to use modeling and simulation techniques to advance the planning and operation of their transportation systems. The Center for Innovative Transportation Systems (CITS) at Old Dominion University will develop city-wide macroscopic and microscopic models that can be used for these purposes. Additionally, the models will support decision making before projects are implemented, e.g., evaluate options for strategic growth areas, or conduct hurricane evacuations, or evaluate the adequacy of Southeastern Parkway. In this project, CITS will extract the macroscopic model from the VDOT travel demand model and test it. Moreover, it will develop a city-wide microscopic model from scratch. The models will be tested and proper documentation will be provided in accordance with industry standards.

Watch a simulation animation of Virginia Beach Town Center

Watch a simulation animation of a potential traffic incident