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Manual Timesheets

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If timesheets are not submitted by the published deadlines, employees must submit a manual timesheet. Employees must use the correct manual timesheet for their employee type. Manual timesheets must be completed in the following situations.

Late Timesheets - explanation required

If the employee fails to start or submit a timesheet:

  • Timesheets not started before the WTE approver deadline should be submitted to Payroll ASAP. Payroll staff will contact the department if a Manual Payroll Check Request is required.
  • Timesheets not submitted during the normal pay cycle should be submitted to Payroll immediately. A Manual Payroll Check Request Form must accompany the timesheet if you want the employee to be paid prior to the next scheduled pay date.

Timesheet not approved by supervisor/proxy

  • No manual timesheet required.
  • No Manual Paycheck Request Form required.
  • The supervisor is contacted by Payroll to ensure the timesheet is correct.
  • Employee paid on current payroll

Correction to original submission of Web Time Entry (WTE) Timesheet

Corrections to Web Time Entry submission should be made only after the approval deadline has passed, and the web timesheet has been submitted by the employee and approved by the approver.

You must attach a copy of the original Web Time Entry Timesheet - REQUIRED.

General instructions for completing/submitting manual timesheets

  • Manual forms are in Microsoft Excel format and include drop-down menus for pay periods and calendar year.
  • ALL fields must be complete/correct including name, department, UIN, position number and contact number.
  • Enter all corrected hours and dates.
  • Documented reasons for use of a manual form are required.
  • Signatures and dates are mandatory.
  • Submit the Manual Payroll Check Request form when required ($50 fee).

If you have questions, please contact the Payroll Office.