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ODU's Shaomin Li Studies Parking Behavior as Economic Predictor

That guy in the SUV who backed into his spot in the parking garage and blocked your visibility may make you angry. But did you know parking behavior can be a predictor of economic performance? That’s the unique and groundbreaking findings of a new study by Shaomin Li, Eminent Scholar and professor of international business in Old Dominion University's Strome College of Business. ( More )

Second Quarter Update Shows Local Economic Growth Has Slowed

Growth in the Hampton Roads economy has slowed, according to the 2014 second quarter economic forecast and analysis produced by Old Dominion University’s Economic Forecasting Team. Forecasts presented by the team, which is composed of College of Business and Public Administration economics professors Vinod Agarwal and Gary Wagner, are widely respected as an accurate harbinger of the economy for the region. ( More )